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TGFS Financial Planning

Financial planning is, simply put, managing your finances and making the most of your assets and entitlements to achieve your financial goals, whether that’s getting rid of debt, securing your payments and services from the government, or finding the right insurance for you and your needs. It’s for everyone, of every age. With expert financial advice, you start a proactive strategy toward your current goals and a comfortable future, and you can maximise and increase your annual income. How?

  • Tax efficiencies
  • Investing, buying and selling direct shares
  • Low-cost funds
  • Superannuation
  • Portfolio rebalancing
  • Money management

Money expertly handled means no money leaks, only money invested, grown, and accumulated. And yes, this means putting everything in order for your peace of mind and assurance.
  • Debt management
  • Savings plans
  • Centrelink entitlements
  • Retirement planning
  • Estate planning
  • Insurance – life, trauma, income protection and disability cover
Your financial adviser is like a mechanic. You could chug along second-guessing your financial actions, and like driving a car without mechanical advice, you’d soon run into problems. Problems that could cost you thousands. But the mechanic knows what’s best to do, and similarly, your financial adviser will guide you toward the best decisions according to your situation and goals, and educate you so you have a clear picture of your financial landscape.
  • Work closely with you to develop financial goals and provide advice in a way you understand.
  • Analyse your financial situation and assess your options, then explain how each would affect your current and future goals.
  • Guides you toward the best decision, maximising your money’s power so you can achieve your goals efficiently, whether that’s retirement at a certain age, or paying off mortgage.

Everyone is able to seek financial planning advice. Investments can start for as low as $1000 or $150 a month. If you need help with your debt, mortgage or superannuation, your financial adviser has the training and expertise to help you manage it and make the most of it.

Independent financial advice means your adviser is not restricted on what they can recommend to you. They are not aligned with a financial product or service.

To achieve your goals, your adviser will be able to provide advice on every investment product from the full range of providers on the market.

Although we are not ‘independent’ in the true sense of the word, neither are we bank aligned. Our approved product list as guided by Consultum Financial Advisers is broad enough to place your funds in a method that is in your best interest.

There is no obligation at the initial consultation. Our job is to talk about your financial situation and your goals, needs, and objectives (personal and financial). Your financial adviser will use this information to research and produce a financial planning outline that will detail the most suitable strategies/plans. This will include detail of the costs, and which ongoing service package best suits your needs.

If you agree to proceed, a Statement of Advice (financial plan) will be produced and another face-to face consultation will be arranged where all fees, charges and cooling off periods will be explained in detail. Please refer to our services page for an indication of fees based on the service packages.

You can avail our services at a flat rate per annum or at an hourly cost. We will provide information on what we will charge before any work is undertaken. We make sure all fees are transparent and fair in relation to our expertise and the work involved.
We will work to place your money where it will grow. That sometimes comes with a fee, however we never take upfront percentage based fees, and all fees are relative to the work that is being undertaken in line with your financial plan. Again, we will inform you of any and all fees before the work is undertaken.
  • Budgeting assistance
  • Product comparisons
  • Tax assessment
  • Financial planning outline
No. Take your time. No matter how attractive an opportunity, we would never rush you.
Click here to download a checklist of some of the most relevant documentation that you should bring to your first financial consultation.
Our principle adviser Trent Gribbin (see his profile here) will be responsible for providing your initial advice. Our team will also assist in handling your affairs from the outset. They will work with your adviser to research and provide administration support. TGFS support staff will also liaison with Centrelink on your behalf so you can enjoy the finer things in life

It is important that your investment portfolio and strategies continue to provide you with peace of mind, ready access to funds and diversification.

We have the backing of Consultum Financial Advisers a boutique full-service licensee that looks after 93 other financial planning practices, and 123 advisers. As part of the IOOF group, we are able to tap in to the resources of one of Australia’s largest independent financial services companies.

Investment risk can be defined as the probability or likelihood of occurrence of losses relative to the expected return on any particular investment. Stating simply, it is a measure of the level of uncertainty of achieving the returns as per the expectations of the investor.

Every client will have his/her financial plan and investments matching his/her risk profile–this simply means your preferences on risk. No risk (capital stable) to high risk (high growth).

Not if you don’t want it to be. All investment decisions are based on what is best for you to achieve your goals, needs and objectives. Any restrictions on access to your money would be explained in detail prior to the work being undertaken.
Yes. Your information will not be used for purposes other than to craft your financial plan.