10 - July

Four tips to get ahead in a reducing interest rate environment

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Interest rates in Australia are currently at record lows. The Reserve Bank has dropped the official rate to just 1%. Some analysts are tipping that rates may be cut even further if the economy doesn’t pick up before the end of the year. Lower interest rates are great for borrowers, but not for

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30 - May

What the election outcome means for you?

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The federal election is done and dusted, and the Coalition Government has been given another three years in power. How will this outcome affect Australians’ finances? What will change – and what won’t – when it comes to policies affecting people’s money? Can we expect any surprises? The

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27 - March

Labor’s Proposed Changes to Australia’s Dividend Imputation System

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The Australian Labor Party has proposed changes to Australia’s dividend imputation system in the lead-up to the forthcoming federal election. What is dividend imputation and what is the current system? Dividend imputation is a part of the company tax system in Australia. It allows an Austra

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01 - August

Payment Plans For Aged Care Homes: What You Should Know

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It may interest you to know that to pay for aged care in Australia, there are certain factors which are assessed to determine what you as a new entrant, or as an existing care receiver pay for care. As a new entrant into the aged care home scheme, a lot of worries might confront you with regards

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14 - May

This Year’s Federal Budget and How It Might Affect You

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The Federal Budget for 2018-19, delivered on 8th May, has been trailed by the Government as a ‘Plan for a Stronger Economy’. It has also been referred to unofficially as ‘Christmas in May’. Given that a Federal election is due sometime in the coming year, we might have expected a giveaway

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10 - May

Federal Budget 2017

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On Tuesday 9 May, the Federal Government handed down its Budget for the 2017–18 financial year. According to Federal Treasurer Scott Morrison, this year’s Budget is founded on the principles of fairness, security and opportunity. Mr Morrison claims that the government’s proposed measures wi

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09 - March

Market Outlook for 2017

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Share market Following a turbulent political year globally in 2016 many could have expected 2017 to start sluggishly for the Australian share market. The fallout from Brexit and the US Presidential elections, both surprises to many, promised uncertainty for the value of equities. Instead the posi

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07 - February

How the Trump Effect Has Benefited Our Financial Markets

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Love him or hate him, there is little doubt that Donald J Trump, 45th President of the United States, has an ability to create reactions whatever he says and does. Social media and town squares across America have already seen the reactive opinions to his rhetoric and actions, but the often-unrep

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31 - January

How to Shake the Post-Christmas Debt Hangover

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December is the month where we gorge to excess, leaving ourselves feeling bloated and a little sluggish once the first week of January rolls around. Of course, I’m referring to the surplus of spending that happens rather than the amount of food intake during the festive season. Much like the bi

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12 - December

Setting Your Christmas Budget: 8 Ways to Avoid Digging a Debt Hole this December

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Already the Christmas season is upon us, the time for gift giving and celebrating has arrived, and with it your mailbox will be crammed full of tempting gift treats and food catalogues as retailers look to ramp up their marketing. Although this is a time of celebration, for many Christmas creates

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22 - November

How a Long-Term Investment Strategy Can Reduce Your Market Risk

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“I can calculate the movement of stars, but not the madness of men” Sir Isaac Newton in the wake of the South Seas Bubble Crash If you’ve spent any amount of time as an investor you will have been exposed to the highs and lows that financial markets can create. Often the markets appear quit

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16 - May

Tips on Claiming Age Pension on Centrelink

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Before You Start… Check to make sure you are eligible. Access this link to find all Information you need to know about your claim for Age Pension and Pension Bonus in the booklet provided. Age pension benefits are available to eligible applicants who have reached the age pension age, which is 6

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07 - March

Saving For Retirement – How Much Will You Need?

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Going from working a steady job to facing the reality of retirement is quite a jump, especially when it comes to knowing the right time for retirement moneywise. Luckily though, the Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia (ASFA) has you covered, providing a retirement guide so you too ca

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03 - February

Get On Top Of Your Finances In Your 50s

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When you’re in your 50s life is a complete change from your earlier years. You may have already paid off your mortgage and have even more spare cash now that the kids have moved out and aren’t as dependent on you. Your career has had long enough to evolve to what you want it to be, both from

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25 - August

Pre-Retirees Beware!

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Are you planning to retire in just a few years? Have you worked your fingers to the bone to help you get the retirement dream that you deserve? Now’s the time to check that you don’t fall at the final hurdle. After all, this is what you’ve been working towards! Let’s take a look at some s

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